OUR SERVICES : Repairing, servicing and re-aligning movable partitions are available for nationwide and worldwide where we do repair and service the spoilt movable partitions which encountered difficulties in lockset mechanisms, alignment issue (unaligned movable partitions), hanging rollers, track systems, sound transmission issue & etc. professionally.

Do you have the following problem with your operable walls/
acoustic movable partition?

•  Panel aredifficult to move
•  Panels are not level when set out
•  Winding handle turns freely without operating the top and bottom sound seals.

Acoustic Panel Services is one of theindustry's most dynamic and successful specialist companies offering tailored servicing, repair and replacement solutions provides a cost-effective solution to resolve the costly maintenance of the acoustic seal operable wall/ acoustic sliding & folding partition.

Why maintain your operable walls/
Acoustic movable partition?

We highly recommend a thorough service to be carried out at least twice (2) a year to ensure that you are benefitting fully from what the products can offer. Regular servicing can minimize any unnecessary breakdown in its technical mechanism, maintaining the system to its full potial thus prolonging the life and achieving more value for money.

Why Choose Acoustic Panel Services ?

•  Specializes in manufacturing and assembling acoustic seal operable wall / acoustic movable partition for more that 20 years.

•  Specialized division of well-trained service team to cater all technical and maintenance needs of operable wall.

•  Maintain, repair and do modification on systems made by other manufacturers.

•  Providing the most professional and cost-effective service that is tailored to different needs.

APS Provides the following Services:

•  Planned Preventation Maintenance

APS preventative maintenance service can maintain the system to its full potential thur prolonging the life and achieving more value for money.

•  Cleaning & Lubrication to roller, track & fixings
•  Rolling gear inspection
•  Panels realignment and relevelling

•  Repairs and Refurbishment

APS technicians are able to diagnose and repair most makes of operable wall/ movable partition, even if it is provided by other manufacturers. In addition, we are able to replace panel faces with external damage, or just to keep up with the trend.

•  Site survey / Investigation
•  New locks supply & fitting
•  Repairing pass doors
•  Roller supply & fitting
•  Repairing Locking mechanisms
•  New Handles for telescopic panels
•  Onsite replacement or welding
•  Unusual or unique parts sourced

•  New Installations & After care

•  APS offers a full in-house design, supply and installation service to suit most applications ranging from budget to high acoustic performance operable walls / movable partitions

•  Offers training on the safe and correct operation of the system to your maintenance team

•  Provides flexible responsive service during emergency call out

•  Sound Level Meter

•  We are using the Sound level meter to ensure the sound quality control in various environments and to meet client's requirements.